Company introduction



Zhejiang Jingwei Pharmaceutical Company Limited is the predecessor of Zhejiang mushroom Erkang Pharmaceutical Company Limited, founded in 1987, in 1998 established Zhejiang Jingwei pharmaceutical company limited.

Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in 2009 with the Chinese herbal medicine limited company, in 2011 January began to become Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University Chinese herbal pieces Limited fully owned company.

The company is located in East Anhui of Fujian at the junction of four provinces of the Changshan County Industrial Park, convenient transportation, neighboring hang-jin-qu highway 320, State Road 205, quzhou-changshan railway freight station.

The registered capital of 8800000 yuan, the existing 35000000 yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 13000 square meters, staff 85 people, technical staff accounted for 35%. Built with an annual output of 60000000 packets of granules, 40000000 hormonal and non-hormonal ointment, 100000000 tablets, 100000000 capsules of Chinese medicine extraction agent, and 1 tons of raw materials stoving seven production lines. The D class clean four production lines, equipped with more advanced production equipment and reliable quality testing facilities, in 2003 through the national GMP pharmaceutical production certification, in 2008 passed the GMP certification re-inspection, in 2012 October and through the company's overall after removal of the GMP certification, is a production of Western medicine preparations and raw materials refined professional pharmaceutical enterprises.

The company production of compound Houtou capsule is the national new drug, the state protection of exclusive production, for several years by the Zhejiang provincial drug administration rated as high quality products, agricultural fair gold medal, the famous brand products in Quzhou city.

Main products: compound Houtou capsule, compound Hericium particles, naproxen disperse tablets ( step students ), compound dexamethasone acetate cream, Qinggan granules, Pediatric Paracetamol Huang Namin granules, Ftibamzone cream, Ftibamzone ( API ), xylitol granules, compound miconazole cream, such as compound menthol ointment.

The company is high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprise generic drug research and development center, the first batch of Quzhou small and medium sized enterprises.